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Humorous talks illustrated with slides.



Speaker wears clothes relevant to talk.



Each talk lasts approximately 1 hour.



All equipment needed to present slides is brought by speaker.



Timescale can be adjusted to suit your requirements.



Black out facilities will enhance the show.



Questions are invited after the presentation.



Based in East Yorkshire.

Will travel if expenses are covered.


All talks have been presented to male, female and mixed audiences of varying age groups.



Often available at short notice.



Fee on request

WORLD TRAVEL TALKS for any group or private event
   WORLD TRAVEL TALKS     for any group or private event 




"Lets do the Inca Trail together" said my daughter as she left for Peru. I didn’t need asking twice!


With rucksack on for the first time in 35 years we met in the capital city of Lima.  Historical building, catacombs filled with bones and Christmas markets, trees and nativity scenes.


The national drink proved lethal and hostels were surrounded by spikey security fences.



Sandboarding in Huacachina in the massive sand mountains south of Lima, irrigated crops in barren sandy terrain and earthquake hit towns of rubble.


Cusco at 11000 feet  to acclimatise to high altitude where Incan history, mix of Incan and Spanish architecture, food, markets and traditional dress add to the magic of this historic and beautiful city.



Four days hiking along the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu with a group of 16.  Being twice the age of everyone else I was nicknamed "Inca Trail Mum". 


Thousands of steps up to Dead Woman’s Pass at 14000 feet where it was a struggle to breath let alone climb.  Hiking down endless steps was just as painful as hiking up but the only option was to keep  going - there was no way back.


Basic two man tents had views of spectacular scenery.   Great meals cooked in a tent by smiling chefs who doubled as porters.


The Star Gate is the entrance to Machu Pichu, the ancient city of the Incas.  


Never found by invading Spanish Conquistadores Machu Pichu remained hidden under vegetation until 1911.

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