ZOOM presentations available on request.




Humorous talks illustrated with slides.



Speaker wears clothes relevant to talk.



Each talk lasts approximately 1 hour.



All equipment needed to present slides is brought by speaker.



Timescale can be adjusted to suit your requirements.



Black out facilities will enhance the show.



Questions are invited after the presentation.



Based in East Yorkshire.

Will travel if expenses are covered.


All talks have been presented to male, female and mixed audiences of varying age groups.



Often available at short notice.



Fee on request

WORLD TRAVEL TALKS for any group or private event
   WORLD TRAVEL TALKS     for any group or private event 



Speaker and entertainer in East Yorkshire.  Available to speak to any group or private party, however small.  Six humorous travel talks accompanied by slides.  Speaker wears clothes from the countries and displays relevant mementoes to the talks.


While studying for 'A' levels in the school library my friend and I dreamed of going to Fiji where she was born.  Her father had been an eminent doctor treating, among others, the chiefs of Fiji and as her father had died when she was only nine Fiji became a significant part of her history with him. We planned to go there but it was some years later that the dream began to materialise. Rather than flying straight to Fiji we decided to travel overland round the world and take as long as necessary.

It took two years!



Black Route                Blue Route             Red Route

Talk 1,2,3,4                  Talk 5                      Talk 6

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TALK 1     Europe  Turkey  Syria  Jordan  Israel  Iran  Afghanistan  Pakistan  India  Nepal  


TALK 2       Thailand     Malaysia     Singapore     Indonesia


TALK 3      Australia     New Zealand 


TALK 4      Fiji     Tonga     Western Samoa      American Samoa     Hawaii    USA


TALK 5      Peru


TALK 6      Argentina       Chile   


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