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Humorous talks illustrated with slides.



Speaker wears clothes relevant to talk.



Each talk lasts approximately 1 hour.



All equipment needed to present slides is brought by speaker.



Timescale can be adjusted to suit your requirements.



Black out facilities will enhance the show.



Questions are invited after the presentation.



Based in East Yorkshire.

Will travel if expenses are covered.


All talks have been presented to male, female and mixed audiences of varying age groups.



Often available at short notice.



Fee on request

WORLD TRAVEL TALKS for any group or private event
   WORLD TRAVEL TALKS     for any group or private event 







In our quest to travel overland round the world we left the double decker bus and were forced to fly to Thailand due to visa restrictions to enter  Burma.  


We  continued by bus, train, rickshaw, boat,  taxi, bicycle and on foot  through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 


We went trekking in the jungle in the north of Thailand; visited massage parlors and became adept at spotting the lady boys in Bangkok and lived in a wooden hut on an idyllic beach on the southern island of Koh Samui.


Travelling musicians entertained on the beach while spectacular sunsets coloured our simple existence.  Koh Samui was my paradise on earth.


Smoke dazed snakes, the Hungry Ghost Street Opera and batik factories entertained us in Penang.


Dangerous trains where thieves operated and generous travelers in taxis saw us through Malaysia to the shopping haven of Singapore where we were scared by rats, trishaws and transvestites and transported back in time at the historic Raffles Hotel. 

Our last stop before leaving SouthEast Asia was Indonesia where cremations, mushrooms and sandy massages on the beach made interesting memories.
The dodgey airline tickets we had bought from Fast Eddie at the New China Hotel in Penang proved valid when Malaysia Airlines accepted them and we left South East Asia for Australia.
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