ZOOM presentations available on request.




Humorous talks illustrated with slides.



Speaker wears clothes relevant to talk.



Each talk lasts approximately 1 hour.



All equipment needed to present slides is brought by speaker.



Timescale can be adjusted to suit your requirements.



Black out facilities will enhance the show.



Questions are invited after the presentation.



Based in East Yorkshire.

Will travel if expenses are covered.


All talks have been presented to male, female and mixed audiences of varying age groups.



Often available at short notice.



Fee on request

WORLD TRAVEL TALKS for any group or private event
   WORLD TRAVEL TALKS     for any group or private event 




As car cleaners in Perth we would not have survived without the help of a dubious gang of Kiwi fishermen.


Three days on the Indian Pacific Railway took us across Australia from Perth to Sydney where we took a house share and I replenished the coffers behind an office desk.   


I toured the vast continent through Western and South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory. 


I crossed deserts, raced camels, drove to Darwin, relaxed on the Gold Coast and made it up Ayers Rock and down an opal mine in Coober Pedy.


The beauty and variation of New Zealand’s North and South Islands is stunning.

Hawkes Bay, horse riding on vast sheep stations, geysers and Maori culture and museums in North Island.


New Zealand hospitality was second to none and even the Mayor of Westport went out of his way to show us round.

Glaciers, trekking. cattle mustering, deer hunting, gold panning and ferrets in South Island and Haast - not normally a tourist stop!


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